Yoozoo Books is a division of Yoozoo Ltd and was established to facilitate the distribution of audio and visual stories in the form of iStory Books or storybook apps.


Yoozoo Books are available via the Apple iTunes Store. We do not support the presence of advertising in our apps. We either offer the apps for sale directly or for free.


What you won't find in Yoozoo iStory Books:


Show third-party advertisements

Collect activity information or any information used to "profile" a child's behavior

Contain social network integration or other social features (links to facebook, twitter, etc)


What you may find in Yoozoo iStory Books:


Highlight  information about our other apps with links to those apps.

Collection of anonymous usage information such as analytics.

A link to review the app in the iTunes App Store.

Provide a link to Yoozoo Books.


We are constantly working to improve our apps. If you have any questions regarding privacy concerns please feel free to email us and we will get back with you as quickly we can. support[@]yoozoobooks[dot]com


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